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"health and  happiness"

health and  happiness

"Seriously good  frozen yoghurt"

Seriously good  frozen yoghurt

"live, laugh, twist!"

live, laugh, twist!

"Cooler than  icecream"

Cooler than  icecream

"How Twisted are  you...?"

How Twisted are  you...?

"Twist my karma"

Twist my karma

"Australia's best  yoghurt"

Australia's best  yoghurt

About Twisted

At Twisted we all come from a long line of fun loving ice cream lovers, filled with the nostalgia of running after the ice cream truck on a Sunday afternoon as kiddlywinks…But now we all know that indulging in the cream that used to make us scream can be detrimental to the waist line!

But never fear…because we’ve discovered Frozen Yoghurt and been converted to what can only be described as dedicated “Frozen Yoghurt groupies” – focused on creating the coolest yoghurt store this side of the moon, so you’ll never run after an ice cream truck again… although we can’t guarantee you won’t be running back to us after your first Twisted taste!

We believe we’ve created the perfect yoghurt experience, a big call we know...but just read on…

Twisted offers the purest and creamiest yoghurt flavours featuring live and active cultures, low in fat and high in calcium…then we froze it GENIUS!

Twisted Frozen Yoghurt makes the perfect snack or a delicious meal in itself and with over 20 rotating Twisted flavours to enjoy, we’ve twisted our favourites together for you to try and get your tongue around, just check the Twisted menu.