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"health and  happiness"

health and  happiness

"Twist my karma"

Twist my karma

"Australia's best  yoghurt"

Australia's best  yoghurt

"How Twisted are  you...?"

How Twisted are  you...?

"Seriously good  frozen yoghurt"

Seriously good  frozen yoghurt

"live, laugh, twist!"

live, laugh, twist!

"Cooler than  icecream"

Cooler than  icecream

About Twisted

At Twisted we are focused on creating a range of products that are not only healthy & delicious but also fun!

Started in 2010 by mother of three, Cass Spies, the team at Twisted are totally obsessed with creating Australia's best yoghurt. The yoghurt is 98% fat free, made from all natural ingredients and contains live and active cultures for balanced inner health. And yes... that's  real yoghurt you can taste in your cup.


Proudly Australian, each & every flavour is lovingly crafted using real & authentic ingredients. Strawberry means strawberries, passionfruit means passionfruits, vanilla means vanilla beans. It's that simple really.

All of our stores make the yoghurt fresh each day with the flavours changing each week in every location. The flavours are 'twisted' together to create what is best described as 'happiness in a cup'!


Our range of smoothies are all made to order and have been developed with healthy lifestyles in mind. Our Supercharged Smoothies & Protein Shakes are made using Coconut Water, Almond Milk and Skim milk as the base and can all be made dairy free & 'paleo friendly'.


The latest addition to our menu, our Superfood Bowls, is something that we are super excited about sharing with the world. Made using pure Acai and layered with the freshest fruit, handmade granola & shaved coconut, you then have the option to pile it high with amazing superfoods like Chia, Maca, LSA and goji berries.