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"How Twisted are  you...?"

How Twisted are  you...?

"Seriously good  frozen yoghurt"

Seriously good  frozen yoghurt

"live, laugh, twist!"

live, laugh, twist!

"health and  happiness"

health and  happiness

"Twist my karma"

Twist my karma

"Cooler than  icecream"

Cooler than  icecream

"Australia's best  yoghurt"

Australia's best  yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt

We might be a bit twisted, but we are super serious about making the healthiest frozen yoghurt around.

To create health and happiness in a cup, we choose from our rotating selection of delicious, 98% fat free frozen yoghurt flavours, twist them together and smother the froyo with every possible topping under the sun.

Twist & Shake Chillers

  • 98% fat free
  • nothing artificial
  • fruit toppings are high in vitamins
    and part of your five a day
  • low in kilojoules
  • gluten free
  • made with real yoghurt
  • high in protein and calcium
  • health benefits of yoghurt with live and active cultures

Your freezer just got a whole lot cooler. We know that sometimes one cup isn’t enough, so we have twisted take away tubs for you to get twisted at home.