Lick Me I'm Twisted Love at 1st Twist Live Laugh Twist How Twisted R U? Summers Greatest Twisted Hits Twist My Karma Fashionably Twisted I'm Twisted Lets Get Twisted I got Twisted in Bondi I Heart Twisted Twisted Frozen Yoghurt

"Cooler than  icecream"

Cooler than  icecream

"live, laugh, twist!"

live, laugh, twist!

"Australia's best  yoghurt"

Australia's best  yoghurt

"health and  happiness"

health and  happiness

"How Twisted are  you...?"

How Twisted are  you...?

"Twist my karma"

Twist my karma

"Seriously good  frozen yoghurt"

Seriously good  frozen yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt

We might be a bit twisted, but we are super serious (actually obsessed) with making the healthiest frozen yoghurt around.

Our yoghurt is all natural, 98% fat free, gluten free & contains live and active cultures. And yes... that's  real yoghurt you can taste in your cup. Proudly Australian - each flavour is lovingly crafted using real & authentic ingredients. Strawberry means strawberries, passionfruit means passionfruits, vanilla means vanilla beans.

Simple. Real. Authentic. Australia's best yoghurt.

Twist & Shake Chillers

  • 98% fat free
  • never, ever anything artificial
  • fruit toppings are high in vitamins
    and part of your five a day
  • low in kilojoules
  • gluten free
  • made with real greek yoghurt
  • high in protein and calcium
  • health benefits of yoghurt with live and active cultures

We know that sometimes one cup isn’t enough, so we have also lovingly prepared take home tubs for you to get Twisted in the comfort of your own lounge.

Twisted Toppings


Our Flavours