Twisted Frozen Yoghurt Founder Cass Spies

Ten years ago, Twisted’s health focused founder Cass Spies searched endlessly for a healthy frozen treat that she, her husband and children could enjoy without feeling guilty.  With the ‘better for you’ section in the ice cream aisle virtually non-existent and effectively controlled by big multinationals, Cass put her Food Science and Technology university major to work, assembled a strong all women management team, and the result was Twisted Healthy Treats.

From its humble beginnings in a small production room in Bondi Beach to its new state of the art fully automated facility in Alexandria, Sydney, Twisted has been producing better for you lite ice cream and frozen yoghurt that are all natural, authentic and can be trusted.  The product range has grown to include frozen delights in stick, 120mls mini-tub and 480mls tub formats, which are both nutritionally and functionally healthy, the latter category incorporating Twisted’s very own Probiotic PowerTM proven clinically to have positive health effects for digestion and the immune system, that go beyond basic nutrition.  All Twisted products have no-added, or lower levels of, sugar, are lower in calories, and are a good source of protein.  Twisted’s frozen yoghurts are made with real probiotic yoghurt and its Probiotic Power contains 1 billion additional probiotics in every serve.  Above all else, Twisted’s healthy frozen treats are seriously delicious, because taste remains the most important consideration in making a food choice.

Twisted’s current products are: Lite Ice Cream + Probiotic Power, Frozen Yoghurt + Probiotic Power; Skinny Minny Lite Ice Cream; Nutritional Frozen Yoghurt; and Frozen Yoghurt Sticks.  Twisted is available in over 1,500 supermarkets and specialty and independent grocers nation-wide around Australia and, due to its nutritional goodness is found in over 5,000 school canteens across Australia as well as discerning hospital groups.  Twisted will soon be commencing exports to several markets.

Twisted is a quintessentially Australian celebration of authenticity, integrity and innovation, family-owned business, local farmers and produce, female entrepreneurialism, and human health.

Our Mission

Twisted exists on the one fundamental belief that, in our complex and increasingly health focused world, we make otherwise difficult choices around food, easy.

“The decadent frozen treat experience doesn’t need to be had at the expense of one’s health. We are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with clean recipes that contain only natural ingredients and without unnecessary emulsifiers and stabilisers, and with much less sugar and fat than with other products on the market.”

Aussie Dairy Goodness

Where does it all start? With a cow of course. Maybe not this guy precisely, but with Australian dairy milk. Providing the perfect base for our Twisted creations to begin, this and all of the products we use to make Twisted, are sourced in Australia. Making us as True Blue as they come.