Event & Catering

Events and Catering

No mess. No Fuss. No Machinery.
Just Australia’s best frozen yoghurt served up to impress your guests.

Choose from any one of our 50 flavours to have single serve yoghurts lovingly made for your event.
We’ll deliver them chilled to perfection to your venue – just pop the lid and you’re away.

Or if a single handed twist is more your speed, we can hand supply our mini cones in any of our 50 flavours,
topped with gourmet goodness. Try creamy coconut yoghurt dipped in chocolate and rolled in toasted almonds. 
Or how about raspberry yoghurt dipped in white chocolate and adorned with the tiniest dusting of rainbow sprinkles?

Your guests will be ditching the canapes and heading straight for dessert.

Events Enquiries

Whether you’re hosting a fabulous business event, a big old party or just want to stock up your freeezer with enough
Twisted to last a life time, let us know about your event requirements and we’ll back to you in a flash.

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