Health Benefits

Twisted products are action-packed with health benefits. With the live and active cultures from our greek yoghurt, it’s high in both calcium and protein and a superfood like no other. We use 100% Australian dairy milk and real fruit and ingredients and never, ever anything artificial. We take pride in delivering a seriously excellent product that you’ll absolutely love to eat.

  • ✓ 97% fat free and made with real
    Greek yoghurt
  • ✓ Health benefits of yoghurt with live
    and active probiotics
  • ✓ Gluten free
  • ✓ Low in calories (around 100kcal/100g)
  • ✓ No artificial colourings or flavours
  • ✓ Made with real fruit
  • ✓ High in calcium 
  • ✓ High in protein
  • ✓ No artificial sweeteners
  • ✓ Healthy Kids (Amber)
  • ✓ Single serve tub
  • ✓ 100% Australian Dairy Milk
  • ✓ Healthy alternative to ice cream
  • ✓ 100% locally owned and proudly Australian

Find out what goodness is in your favourite tub

Twisted Healthy Treats Strawberry and Coconut Frozen Yoghurt

Strawberry &

Twisted Healthy Treats Juicy Queensland Mango Frozen Yoghurt

Juicy Queensland

Twisted Healthy Treats Zesty Lemon Probiotic Frozen Yoghurt

Zesty Lemon

Twisted Probiotic Lite Ice Cream Chocolate and Vanilla Bean

Chocolate &
Vanilla Bean

Twisted Frozen Yoghurt Probiotic Chocolate and Coconut

Chocolate &

Twisted Healthy Treats Salt Caramel and Vanilla Lite Ice Cream

x2 Chocolate & Vanilla Bean